the wired


To my freelance portofolio, which includes both hobby and paid projects.
I create various web-based things, but I also have experience with other languages like Python, Golang and a bit of Rust.
I do both very minimal webdesign, highly performant due to a lack of JS and focus on CSS for most of it's eye-catching features, and full-fledged web applications with React.js

You can contact me for inquiries via Matrix at or email at rubin [at] thewired [dot] nl


Neo is a next generation chat client, built for the Matrix network.
It's built with React.js and released as FLOSS software under the aGPLv3 license
Main Website
Chat client screenshot

Raspberry Pi Clocks

To show different timezones, on a nice modern display. The Raspberry Pi runs the Chromium browser in kiosk mode, which displays the React.js app.
Github Repository
Screenshot with 3 clocks in different timezones

Pixietown Hosted Services

Managed hosting of multiple free software services, such as Matrix and Mastodon. I provide this service for free, on a donation basis.
Main Website
Purple pixie logo, and text Pixietown